Indoor Sport Floor


Everroll Classic is the new name of the most traditional colors of this entire product range ever. At the beginning of the last decade, BSW GmbH, in corperation with our joint venture partner, Dodge-Regupol, Inc., based in the US, introduced this product range with exactly these “classic” colors, to the fitness flooring market in North America. Until then, there were a basically no such resilient flooring products available and in the fitness clubs, PVC, carpet, Linoleum or heavy-duty rubber flooring, was predominantly used. Everroll Classic quickly took over a large share of that market segment, as the products was exactly tailored to the needs of the clubs and their operators and users. Ever since, Everroll Classical has undoubtedly achieved the position of the “market leader” in fitness flooring and we believe to be ahead of the competition because of our commitment to quality and style. Today, Everroll Classic is by far the best selling sports flooring of its kind worldwide.


Regugym is the ideal flooring for working areas such as technical laboratories, or in multipurpose halls, auxiliary gyms and sports halls. Our portfolio of Regugym indoor flooring can be divided in 3 separate areas: Reguygm as a point-elastic sports floor. Regugym as a combination of point and area elastic sports flooring. As an option to renovate and/or overlay any existing area-elastic flooring system. The standard type is a multi-layer, point-elastic PU flooring system. The version of combining an existing area-elastic floor with a point-elastic overlay typically consists of an area-elastic synthetic floor is installed. The results is modern, homogeneous and seamless sports flooring construction because such a combination out of point-elasticity and area-elasticity results in superior physical properties and superior level of performance. Besides, the polyurethane top-layer provides a long lasting and durable wear layer. The third area of Regugym is a budget driven option whereby older, partly worn, sports floors, can be renovated or renewed without a major investment by the buyer. The load carrying, and floating, sub floor is repaired and reinstalled over top. The newly constructed synthetic sports floor.