Athletic Track

In many stadiums around the world Regupol tracks have proved to stand the test of time and a quality level that exceeds expectations. The brand name Regupol is a common team for all those who are responsible for safety, durability and a reduced level of maintenance of athletic tracks an other sports grounds. Regupol tracks are the first choice for all different levels: professional competition, training and leisure. All Regupol systems meet the requirements of the IAAF and the DIN.

Regupol AG

The traditional system for international competition. The wearing surface consists of an impermeable PUR coating selected EPDM granules broadcast into the 'freshly' applied PUR compound resulting in a homgeneous and seamless granulated topping. The basemat is a prefabricated product supplied in rolls and permanently bonded to the subbase with a special PUR adhensive. This combination guarantees uniform physical properties and thickness. Excellent slip resistance and elasticity for all kinds of field events are also a benefit.

Regupol PD

Waterpermeable or impermeable surface for athletic tracks and multipurpose facilities. The wearing surface is a structural spray coating consisting of a special PUR compound permixed with selected EPDM rubber granules. The prefabricated basemat supplied in rolls always guarantees uniformity and a steady force reduction and elasticity. This system is often considered the most economical solution for institutional projects, recreational and field training facilities.
Regupol AG
Regupol Compact
Regupol PD
Regupol AG-IS
Regupol PD-IS
International competitions (world championships, Olympic Games)
Regional competitions
Multi-national competitions
National competitions
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